How exciting to be launching our company this week ~ I've already had such a fantastic response from family & friends of course, but previous customers and even new ones who are rushing to book!

My goal is to produce the most comfortable, relaxed, joyful atmosphere for whatever shoot I happen to be doing on any given day, and to create relationships with customers the we can build on in years to come. Cheese? Maybe...but I love getting the hug, the fervent "thank you's", the tear (yes I said tear) in Mom's eye at the end of the reception, when the new couple has zoomed off and aren't even thinking about their proofs yet...

It hasn't been so long ago that I was a bride that I've forgotten the headache of searching, planning, saving, bargaining, trying to ferret out the most fabulous vendors for each part of my wedding...but I made the photos my priority. They are what sits in an album on my coffee table still, after almost 3 years. They are the pictures in which I feel the most beautiful, the most stylish, and thanks to a photography who catered to our whims, the photos in which I look the most myself. That is what I try to bring along with all of my equipment and lists ~ a desire to make you feel the most yourself. Memorable moments aren't made with cold, nervous smiles, and neither are memorable pictures.

If there are any questions I can answer for you about my products, background, schedule, don't hesitate to email. Next year is booking up quickly!