What a whirlwind the past two weeks have been! We had a trip back to Tulsa for back-to-back weddings with some Eureka Springs thrown into the middle. Monday morning it was up bright and early for an ad shoot with these cowboys. That West Texas sky is simply amazing!

Austin City Limits

I'm not sure Ryan & Gina could have chosen a more gorgeous locale for their wedding this summer! A beautiful church, a stunning gown, a romantic and emotional ceremony followed by a reception at one of the most incredible venues I've seen. These guys had it all, including friends with some, let's say, inventive dance moves!

Deep in the Heart

As some of you know, we've recently relocated back to Lubbock, TX from Tulsa. It's been fabulous so far and I've already met so many wonderful friends and clients. I've missed the flat, rustic landscape of my home and although I love trees and real hills and I'll miss the gorgeous Tulsa fall, I know we're right where we're supposed to be now! One of the most interesting and fun places I've shot so far is the National Ranching Heritage Center. Joseph just turned 2 and had a blast running between the buildings and corrals during our shoot. Happy birthday, JoJo!

Before the Big Day

Bridal portraits are so much fun but so much work, I always regret it when a bride chooses not to do a seperate session. There is just something about getting your hair and makeup done, having your best friends and mother fawn all over you, and getting to wear that incredible dress more than once that really makes it worth it. Taking the extra time that you can't quite squeeze out of the wedding day always leads to the some of the most glamorous shots you'll ever have!
Thank you Elizabeth, I can't wait to see you walk down the aisle in a few weeks!

Dapper Dane

I've been taking pictures of this little guy since he was a newborn and he just keeps getting cuter. We shot downtown for a little variety and you can't help but love the urban baby-ness!