bridal fair promo fun!

We had a FABULOUS day at the Bridal Fair! 

My fabulous sister was on hand to help me with paperwork, greeting brides, answering tons of questions and scoring cupcakes from other vendors ;) 

I generally run an irresistable Bridal Fair special and this year was no exception!  Since not every bride was prepared to book AT the show (or couldn't get in touch with their sweetheart to get the checkbook) I've decided to extend the special through Sunday January 29th

So for anyone who missed it, and might be visiting the site for the first time, here ya go!

Gimme a buzz, can't wait to fill up the rest of the year with more fantastic brides!

a few of my favorites from 2011!

I'm gearing up for the 2012 Bridal Fair and taking a tour through last year's weddings to pick my faves to include in slideshows at the event.  Thought I'd share a few (or a lot) of my faves I'm including at the show!